100 not out. Happy 100th Inmymug

On the mitch in Atlanta

This week is a big week for coffee lovers, and particularly internet coffee lovers in that it marks the 100th episode of Steve Leightons “In My Mug” videos.

Next weeks episode would be the 100th “consecutive” edition but for a week in 2009 when Steve came to Atlanta to support me in my first WBC bid. I feel both honoured and guilty to be the reason why Steve had a “blip” week and I suppose this blog post is in some way for my own redemption.

Greater than that however, is the strong sense of admiration I have for Steve coupled with the huge debt I (and countless other coffee lovers) owe him for bringing me on a wonderful journey from washed Yirgs to natural Brazilians to pulped Sumatrans and everything in between.

Every week people all over the world (seriously!) receive a bag of coffee in the post, and then sit down to watch Steve talk them through it and sip the coffee and compare flavour notes.

Inmymug has been filmed in a fishing boat, at glastonbury, in countless cafe’s, at origin on some of Steve’s favourite farms and the odd time at his roastery in Stafford. He’s done them with friends, groups, strangers and even me!

He’s even managed to chuck it together when he’s been violently ill, adamant that he won’t let down his loyal customers. Its sometimes weird, always engaging and seriously rewarding for any coffee lover.

What makes inmymug really unique however is Steve’s insistence that it remain accessible to the beginner and completely available to anyone who cares to watch it regardless of whether they subscribe to the coffee or not. That says an awful lot about Steve really.

If you’re getting into coffee and want to learn more then just watching the weekly episodes will accelerate your learning ten fold. Subscribing means a whole lot more.

Next week is a huge week for Steve and I urge you all to join me in congratulating him on such an amazing achievement. Steve is one of those people thats in the engine room of our industry, pushing it on through sheer drive, hard work and most of all passion. Congratulations Steve, 100 not out (bar one).


3 thoughts on “100 not out. Happy 100th Inmymug

  1. Pal loads of words to say, but its much easier to say thanks 🙂

  2. Mike White says:

    Congrats Steve!

  3. David Walsh says:

    I’ve watched every single one.

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