The Return of the Secret Blend


Anyone that was one of the 20 odd people that turned up for the first day of 3fe would know that Bodytonic’s very own festival “The Beatyard” started on the very same day. Over the years 3fe and the Beatyard have grown in their own wonderful way and 4 and a half years later we decided to hook up and create a collaborative Beatyard Blend to have some fun with.
Blends are nothing new though so why the big fuss? Well, just to make it a little more interesting we’ll be pushing the blend on a number of cafes around the city as well as our own place on Grand Canal Street. However, unlike every other blend we do we’re gonna keep this one a secret.
The components of the blend will remain a secret up to the last day of the festival and its up to you the coffee loving public to sip, speculate and interpret what exactly’s gone in there!
You’ll see the blend start to hit the cafes of the city in time for the Beatyard festival which runs 24th April to the 4th of May. Over that period all you need to do is taste it at one of the participating cafes (we’ll post a list!) and let us know via the hashtag #beatyardblend what you think its made up of.
The person who guesses closest on the components will get a prize of a hand grinder, an Aeropress and a monthly subscription of 3fe coffee straight to their door. This should be a lot of fun so keep an eye on the @3fe twitter feed for a list of cafes that will be pulling shots of the blend and if you’re a cafe that would like to participate drop us a line at There will be roast dates on 17th/22nd so orders are taken until 1pm on the preceding day for wholesale.
Happy tasting!


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