Esmeralda Tasting, this Sunday Oct 3rd

Haceinda la Esmeralda is a coffee farm in Panama that yields some of the most sought after coffees in the world and in the last few weeks we have been offering this coffee as part of our tasting menu as an extra bonus for customers. It is by far the most expensive coffee we’ve ever served and this weekend we’d like to show you why.

Despite its price, the Esmeralda has been a huge hit amongst customers and for this reason we’ve decided to hold a stand-alone tasting event for the two lots of coffee that we have from this farm. We’ve also sourced two equally prestigious coffees from Guatemala and el Salvador to give you an insight into what makes great coffee great.

As always every attendee will get a bag of coffee to take home with them. Please check out the link below to book and we’ll see you Sunday!

Book here!


4 thoughts on “Esmeralda Tasting, this Sunday Oct 3rd

  1. Tim Varney says:

    I have a messenger in the form of Sam from Mecca in Sydney – would you like me to send some Esmeralda with him?

  2. colinharmon says:

    That would be very very cool. I’m presuming he has the passions too?

  3. Tim Varney says:

    Loaded with passions…

  4. Keith O'Sullivan says:

    gah, out of town this weekend

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