Sunday School; French Press

The Bloom forms (newer batch to the right)

I am delighted to announce that 3FE will be going 7 days a week from now on. On top of that we’ve decided to go until 7pm on weekdays too!

Sundays are gonna be our day for classes going forward and we’re gonna start the ball rolling with our French Press Class this coming Sunday.

The French press (Cafetiere, Plunger, Press Pot) is a great way to enjoy coffee and can be just as satisfying, if not more so, than the other brewing methods. Its simple, tasty, cheap and although easy to use, it is often misused. We’d like to show you why we love french press and help you get the most from your coffee at home.

Places are limited and as always there’ll be a free bag of coffee for every participant.

Places can be booked here

See you Sunday!


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