WBC 2009

I’ve been to Atlanta before but it wasn’t pretty. I landed there as a shy 16 year-old with a 100 strong group of cyclists to get a connection to Pensacola Florida. I was the youngest member of a cycle tour in aid of Our Lady’s Hospital for sick Children Crumlin and it was my first time outside of Europe.
It must have been the Jet Lag or something but I failed to hear the immigration officer bellowing out for me to approach the desk. Eventually somebody nudged me forward towards this HUGE woman sitting on a swivel chair that looked like it had long since disappeared beneath her rear end. She glared at me, glanced at my documents, then looked back at me over the rims of her rhinestone glasses; “young man, you have what we like to call an attitude problem”. Quite.

7 thoughts on “WBC 2009

  1. CakeBoy says:

    Ah Colin, this piece really brings back memories. Many years ago, I was ‘turned over’ three or four times at customs whilst entering the US. On every occasion there was a bizarre and somewhat funny reason for it happening, though it too always involved rather large ladies, wider than they were tall, presumably all looking for seating lost in action. Thanks for making me smile 🙂

  2. colinharmon says:

    I better not say too much in case shes still there! Thanks for the post, glad you enjoyed it

  3. Julie Murray says:

    Colin, I don’t believe that I’ve congratulated you officially. Well done you are a very worthy champion and I’m sure you will do us proud in Atlanta, we’ll be rootin for ya

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  5. colinharmon says:

    Cheers Julie, sure I would’ve been a bundle of nerves if you guys weren’t there to calm me down. Must meet up for a coffee before I head off

  6. Julie Murray says:

    Colin, that would be good, myself and Jackie are due to visit Karl soon and we will be in touch

  7. colinharmon says:

    Lookin forward to it!

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