Tamper Tantrum


Saturday sees the culmination of a lot of hard work, blagging and planning in the form of Tamper Tantrum Live 2012 at the Twisted Pepper. Anyone that follows me on twitter will know doubt have heard about it but I thought it appropriate to reflect via this neglected blog and aim for two birds with my solitary stone.Image

In a way Tamper Tantrum started with this hungover rant (pictured above) the morning after we managed to pilfer 4th place at the 2009 World Barista Championships, at Octane Coffee in Atlanta with Ben Helfen. Myself and Steve came away from the conversation with a sense that we’d perhaps come across something we both enjoyed doing.

Tamper Tantrum started a few weeks later and soon developed into a relatively (!) monthly video blog which drew more viewers than we’d ever thought possible. Half way through one of these recordings we had an idea to do a live version with guest speakers and so Tamper Tantrum Live was born.

Last year was a wonderful success with James Hoffmann, Cosimo Libardo, David Walsh, Gwilym Davies and Paul Stack all putting on excellent talks which have between them clocked up tens of thousands of views. The fact that all these talks are being passed on to those looking to learn about coffee is the real reward in all this. Every few weeks I get an email from someone thanking us for doing it and it all makes sense again.

This Saturday we have another great list of speakers including John Gordon, Kas Ali, Tim Styles, Rasmus Helgebostad, Ellie Matuszak and Keith O’Sullivan as well as one or two surprises along the way. We will also be beaming it out live across the internets and as always, posting the videos online afterwards on the Tamper Tantrum site.

No doubt a few of you reading this know already, but on Saturday afternoon we will also announce the next step for Tamper Tantrum live and to say we are excited is an understatement. Without letting the cat out of the bag, it will bring Tamper Tantrum to an International audience in a way that we never thought possible.

I’m looking forward to the weekend, thankful for all your support and excited about the future. I’m glad this has grown to what it is and looking forward to letting you all in on our good news 😉

Tickets are still on sale here and we’re looking forward to a great day. We hope to see you there


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