Passing it on


Its about time that I let you all in on a badly kept secret that Saturday 26th January will be our last day at the Twisted Pepper on Abbey Street after a little over 3 years making coffee in the iconic venue. Its been an amazing place to work, we’ve met so many wonderful customers over the years and it also gave us the platform for all the plans that we’re rolling out at our Grand Canal Street shop.

Its a strange decision admittedly to walk away from a successful business but what it allows us to do is to refocus all of our efforts on one premises and grow the wholesale business in the coming year.

We’ve got a really excellent network of businesses that we’re supplying and now we’re on the look out for the next set of wholesale customers who want to improve their coffee offering. Most of you are aware of our ambitions to open a roastery here in Dublin so recruiting more wholesale customers is central to realising this.

The shop at Twisted Pepper will of course keep going and we will continue to supply it. In fact we’re passing the mantel on to one of our own and gaining a wholesale customer to boot.


Tom Stafford has effectively been running the place for the last 18 months for us and has always harboured ambitions of opening his own place some day. It made a lot of sense for us then to pass the business on to him and give him a leg up the same way that Bodytonic did for us way back in 2009. Since the first day he started with us Tom has shown a huge dedication to the 3FE cause and has worked tirelessly to ensure that the Twisted Pepper shop maintained and even improved its standards over the years.

Tom’s got some great plans in store for the place after they close for a bit of refurb. We’ll be open until 6pm on the 26th of January and I’m going to make sure I’m there to see the last coffee served. It seems like a life time ago that we set up in the lobby but although I’m sad to be leaving I know Tom will do a great job looking after all the regulars on Abbey Street.

Thanks to all those who’ve supported us over the years, especially Trev and Eoin at Bodytonic and hopefully you’ll all be able to swing by and lend your support to Tom when he sets up shop.



3 thoughts on “Passing it on

  1. Michael says:

    My visit to 3FE at the Twisted Pepper was one of my favorite coffee experiences. Sad to see you go but glad to know it’s still in good hands.

  2. […] According to Colin Harmon’s blog, the Twisted Pepper 3FE is closing January 26, 2013, and being passed on to a former […]

  3. Katherine says:

    Sorry to see you go too but excited to see what Tom does with the place! At least he’ll still be serving the same great coffee.

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