The Little Shop that Could; 1st Birthday Celebrations this Saturday!

I might get a little teary on this one, but this week we turned one. Its been an amazing year.

We’ve had some great times like WBC, installing (and using) out Uber, weekend brewing classes, some amazing reviews and starting to work with some really great cafes in the city. We’ve also seen a few lows but always banded together and got through them unscathed.

What started out as a stop-gap while I waited for competitions to roll around has turned into a thriving coffee oriented “venue” run by a team of enthusiastic baristas who are constantly upping the ante. There are a five of us now (we also have an intern from a local cafe) and the sense of excitement and eagerness to really plough into this project is quite astounding to me.

In truth, there are six of us. Away from the shop, at the far side of the Irish Sea is Steve Leighton of Hasbean coffee who has come on board and really enabled us to serve the best quality coffees in store and supply cafes with products that excite us, them and more importantly their customers.

This Saturday to celebrate our 1st Birthday we’re going to have all our baristas in store and set up a brew bar for free demonstrations all day long. We’ll be focusing on filter brewing but if you have any questions at all about anything coffee (or milk!) related we’d be delighted to help out. We have lots of ideas too for christmas gifts as well as having plenty of samples to hand out so we’d love to see you pop by.

Steve Leighton is also flying in for the day to answer any questions you may have and give you an insight into how he gets the best from his coffees. He’s kindly agreed to make coffee, answer questions and give everyone a few hints on how to get the best from their coffee at home.

Finally, I (and all the staff at 3FE) would like to thank you all for the amazing support you’ve shown us in the past year. This time last year the concept of somebody selling coffee in a nightclub was nothing short of ridiculous. In the coming year we have plans afoot to again smash people perceptions of what 3FE is and create a coffee-oriented destination that really delivers on quality accross the board. We could not have achieved anything without all your support and we hope to pay it back in spades in the coming year.

Friends of the shop (Lunchblock!) tweeted earlier this week congratulating the growth of the “little shop that could”. I may have had a little moment right there. See you all Saturday!


9 thoughts on “The Little Shop that Could; 1st Birthday Celebrations this Saturday!

  1. Congrats Colin. Inspiring stuff.

  2. More the giant man that could, well done pal, you deserve all the plaudits you can for making what seems like an undoable business model work so well.

    A destination cafe that isn’t a cafe is amazing, using space that is dead during the day, maximising what you have and then adding a bit on the end.

    Well done!!


    PS whats this craziness about me making drinks ?

  3. Diarmaid says:

    Fair play chief.
    No better man.

  4. Alastair says:

    Looking forward to what year 2 brings.
    Kudos to Colin and his merry crew.

  5. Alastair says:

    PS – Stuck up a review on the iPhone beanhunter app – seemed wrong that 3FE wasn’t represented.

  6. Tumi Ferrer says:

    Congratulations! Hopefully I’ll visit one day soon.

  7. TruthBrew says:

    Visiting Ireland from the states next week. Wife and I are coffee geeks with a need to find good coffee; willing to travel. Pity that 3fe isn’t open on Sunday as we arrive that morning. Any other suggestions, hints, direction greatly appreciated. Feel free to email

  8. Jackie says:

    Happy Birthday 3FE, all the best for many more!

  9. baristahoon says:

    Congrat!! I’m sorry, I’m late. 🙂

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