Barista Classes

This Christmas we at 3FE have decided to offer a limited number of classes with our award winning baristas to pass on the hints and tricks that will help you get the best from your coffee.

The classes can be any weekday from 8am-10am in January or February and they cost EUR150 per session for one or two people, you decide!

Here’s the choice of classes that we’ve put together;


i) Latte Art; How to get the most from your milk and how to pour hearts, tulips and rosettas

ii) Espresso; The mechanics of extraction and a guide to tasting

iii) Filter coffee; Understanding the variables to get the most from your dripper, french press and other filter brewers

iv) Coffee tasting; we lay out a table of coffees from around the world and talk you through the flavours and characteristics of each origin


You can sign up for the classes here,  we’ll send you out a voucher to confirm the place and then once you or your loved one has decided which course they’d like to do just drop us a line and we’ll fix a date.

If you have any queries please drop us a line at

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