Two guys walk into a bar…

A guy is walking down O’Connell street and bumps into a mate of his from way back. They haven’t seen each other in quite a while and decide its about time they should sit down and catch up. Now, they’re not sure whether they fancy a pint, a bite to eat, a coffee or maybe even something a bit different, like a gallery or show, but they can’t think of anything thats on right now.

“I know” says the first guy, “we can head to the Twisted Pepper. There’s always something on there”.

This story isn’t a true one. I’ve made it up.

However, when myself Eoin and Trev from the Twisted Pepper sat down to discuss the concept of having 3FE as resident baristas at the Twisted Pepper we had this kind of scenario in mind and we wanted to build a social destination for Dubliners that wasn’t built entirely on booze.

Eoin and Trev and a simple message.


In the last few weeks there’s been a sense that we’ve found another gear, both at the Twisted Pepper and from 3FE’s perspective. That vision of an almost “Perpetual Festival” is really coming to fruition and people are really starting to grasp the concept that we began carving out when we lobbed an espresso machine on a counter in the hallway of an inner city nightclub.

Aside from our own expansion, the Twisted Pepper under the guidance of Eoin and Trev have been slowly shaping the venue into a hub of activity that really doesn’t rule anything out. In recent weeks we’ve seen comedy, acoustic music, world class djs, roller derbies, alternative life drawing, drum classes, corporate AGMs, dance classes, computer gamers, capoeirha, forest raves, TED talks, spoken word events (Banter being a highlight), samba dancers… name but a few.

Whilst all this is going on we at 3FE have been at the centre of all the activity happening around us in the various rooms off the main cafe. Its allowed us not only to reach out to a very diverse market on a weekly basis but also to act as an anchor draw for the Twisted Pepper to attract more and more events to the building.

We’ve recently made the jump to going 10am-7pm seven days a week and the Twisted Pepper is doing the same from 6pm-10pm. We’ve always wanted to present a destination where you can pop in for a drink or a coffee on the way home from work and its already taken off in the last 2 weeks.

This coming weekend sees not only the much-heralded Beatyard festival (across both the Twisted Pepper and her sister ship the Bernard Shaw) but also the launch of a weekly fashion market in the main stage room of the building. Every Saturday from now on we’ll have clothes, records, photography and other bits and bobs on sale and live djs for shoppers and coffee drinkers alike.

The next few weeks will see more and more diversity in the offering and 3FE will be at the heart of it all offering up coffees to the most random events Trev and Eoin can get hold of. If you think you’d like to join in or even have an idea for an event that you think would be worth pitching then we’d love to hear from you (you can contact Eoin at

We’ve had a hard slog since we joined forces last December but we’re finally starting to see the growth of a destination venue that Dublin can be proud of. Time to jump on board.


One thought on “Two guys walk into a bar…

  1. Tim Varney says:

    Holy Shit! Moodymann!

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