Stepping it up

So. Competition season is over for another year and its time to get down to the every day task of dishing out coffees to the Dublin masses. 3FE has seen lots of changes in the past few weeks, some of them more dramatic than others, so I thought it was just about time that we update you on all the changes that have taken place.

Perhaps the most exciting development for us has been the installation of our very own Uber Boiler. This allows us to brew filter coffee at a level of quality and consistency that we could only dream of before. Essentially the Uber delivers water at a specified temperature, quantity and time. This allows the barista complete control over the quality of the final cup and has allowed us in turn to discover more about each of our coffees.

I believe we are only the second shop in Europe to own one of these (after our good friends at Penny University, London) and believe it or not these incredible machines are hand built, up the road in Sandyford by the excellent people at Marco. The counter has become, almost entirely by accident, more of a tasting bar than a coffee bar and its been really rewarding for us to be able to engage the customers and teach them a few tricks about brewing coffee at home.

We’ve also upped the anti with sweet treats and we’re chuffed with our new chocolate brownies made using our own coffee. These are freshly baked and exclusively made for us and are really going down, well, a treat.

The “Espresso Set” is also the latest addition to our menu. It gives you a chance to sample our espresso with and without milk and kinda looks pretty too!

Another initiative we’ve taken on is the use of stamps to help you guys develop preferences in coffee. every take away coffee will now be stamped with the name and origin of the coffee your drinking. As we increase the range of espressos on offer in the shop its nice to be able to offer customers a choice. Listening to your feedback on coffees you’ve tried will ultimately enable us to better gauge the coffees you enjoy most.

Finally, we’re pushing on with our Saturday events and Saturday 17th will see our first ever 3FE Drip Class. We’ll post more details closer to the time but the class will be an introduction to drip filter for beginners. We love filter coffee at 3FE and whether its a chemex, v60 or donut we think filter at home is a great way to get the most from your coffee. The class will focus on the basics of brewing; temperature, extraction time, brewing ratios and, of course, tasting. It will also give us a chance to show off the new Uber boiler as well as tasting a range of different coffees.

Finally I’d like to thank you all for your patience over the last few weeks as we prepared for the World Barista Championships in London. We reached the final 6 and finished 4th overall out of 60 odd countries so we were delighted, but still eager to get back behind the machines making coffee at 3FE. Hope to see you soon.



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