Saturday Morning Event @3FE

We’ve been going behind your back. Every Saturday morning for the last few months, we’ve been dropping the shutter and indulging in something very secret where prying eyes can’t see. We’ve been cupping.

Cupping, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, is essentially a coffee tasting where different coffees are tasted side by side with (hopefully) tasty consequences. It’s an invaluable learning exercise and a great way to expand your knowledge of coffee in a very approachable way.

Therefore, this Saturday we’re opening up the shop for cupping on Saturday morning. We’re gonna open the doors at 10.45am and close the shop for an hour between 11 and 12 and cup 8 coffees from all around the world.

It’s completely open to the public and we’ll be joined by “friend of the show” David Walsh, the current Irish Cup tasting Champion who’ll be at hand to guide everyone through the process.

We hope to do this as a public event at least every other week going forward and because it’s the first time we’re doing this it’s gonna be free of charge for anyone to join in!

So if you fancy coming along we’ll see you 10.45am on Saturday morning!



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