Now what?

So as you may have guessed, something has been afoot for the last few weeks hence the blog has suffered a little. I have lots to tell so I’ll just dive right in!

Perhaps the biggest news I have for you is the rather sad news that I am no longer with Coffee Angel. I decided a few months back to resign my post as Operations manager and instead began working part time. One of the main reasons for this was that I wanted to devote as muchenergy as possible to the WBC without becoming a burden on Coffee Angel, with regard to both time and money.

This way I could still pay the bills but still gave myself the best chance possible in Atlanta. This I felt was the best way to get the most out of my training. What I didn’t envisage was the extra miles that Karl went to to make this as  easy possible for me. When I needed less hours he knocked them down, when I needed more hours he bumped them up.

He also sent me off to Atlanta safe in the knowledge that there was a wad of cash hitting my account while I was away even though I wasn’t working. His support was not only hugely appreciated but was comparable to the support that any of the other baristas got, despite how big or illustrious their employers were. All this despite knowing that I intended moving on. I think this gesture says an enormous amount about Karl and his integrity.

So last week, as you can imagine, was a big one. First up was a trip to Birmingham (well, Stafford) to visit Steve at hasbean towers. In a nut shell we drank a lot of Ale, drank a ot of coffee and I learned how to sample roast with hillarious results

Listening for first crack..

Listening for first crack..

We also bashed out a few ideas that we’d being toying with for the last few months and came up with a new monthly videocast. This is gonna complement and not replace Dublin Barista so dont worry, but its something I’m really excited about. Its still a bit rough round the edges but when you get a chance have a look

Next up was a trip to London for Caffe Culture where I had been asked to man a stand for Johnson Brothers Coffee, home to the always affable Philip Mills. Philip had been instrumental in my getting the WBC spec Aurelia as is the Irish distributor so I was delighted to touch base again.

Uber Boiler at Caffe Culture

Uber Boiler at Caffe Culture

The show was a lot of fun and I had the Thursday off to meet a lot of really cool coffee people. Just before I left on the Thursday I was chatting away with three years worth of UK Barista Champions, a nice moment by anyone’s standards.

Lawrence gives himself a promotion

Lawrence gives himself a promotion

 I’d also like to thank Lawrence Brown and John Gordon for putting me up for the two days. They also stuffed me with pizza, fed me with beer, guided me through the underground and lent me some killer jokes to bring home. Great guys. The UK coffee scene is thriving and I hope someday we’ll have something comparable over this side of the water.

John suffers more questions...

John suffers more questions...

I’m back in Dublin now and already eager to begin the next chapter. I’ve got a few training/consultancy jobs lined up and have started the ball rolling on some longer term projects. I will however keep those to myself for the time being, but you’ll be the first to know once I’m certain there’s something to know!

So its exciting times ahead and although there is less security now being out on my own, if nothing else it should make for interesting blog posts. Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “Now what?

  1. Wow Lawrence is an important boy now 🙂

    Who is that dashing chap on Tamper Tantrum with you, what a hunk

  2. Jess says:

    Mr Brown now wears it around the house insists John gets up at 5:30 to makes him coffee ( with his full bc routine) and then makes us recite verses from the science of quality until we’re allowed to go to work .
    Glad they were hospitable with pizzas and the ale shop , sorry I missed you , you’ll have to brave London again one day , there’s always a airbed in the lounge for the 4th best barista in the WORLD !

  3. colinharmon says:

    I cant believe you get to call him Mr! It was Sir all the way when I was over

  4. At ease baristas. You have been doing some good work and El Presidente is pleased.

    As you were.

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