Taste of my luggage


*Note; Changed to Sat May 2nd

So if you haven’t heard already, we made the finals and came away with a pretty respectable 4th place finish. A massive blog post will follow shortly but in the meantime I’d like to invite you all to sample a few coffees we smuggled home (including our own) up at my place. So drop me a line at colinharmon@gmail.com if you can make it and as long as the numbers dont go too overboard we’ll see you next Saturday 2nd May.

We’ve also just got confirmation that Steve Leighton will be attending!!


4 thoughts on “Taste of my luggage

  1. Al (Gran Hermano) says:

    Great result in the USA.
    Congrats again.

  2. alastair says:

    Well done Colin! Fantastic weekend’s entertainment, and I’m sure you must feel really pround of the achievement.

    Don’t know yet if I can make the ‘Smell the glove’ session, but I’ll be there in spirit!

  3. alastair says:

    uhh – ‘proud’

    stupid interweb!

  4. Julie Murray says:

    Hi Colin Da Man,
    Welcome back, we are all so proud of you.
    I would love to taste some yummy coffees – what time is kick off?

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