Grind on Request


Grinders are a massive problem. Even in the IBC there were so many factors to consider. You must know your grinder, its capabilities, its weaknesses and build your routine around them. I was lucky this year as Karl bought a really cool Anfim super Caimano and got it tweaked and modded to the nines just so I’d have the best equipment to work with at the IBC.

I’ve been training on this grinder and its presence matched with the Aurelia in the training room have been a huge advantage to me.

Unfortunately there are problems. Firstly grinders are heavy and difficult to put in your luggage. I was not only afraid that it would get damaged in transit but also wary that it would suffer a similar fate to 2008 US champion Kyle Glanville’s grinder and get taken apart in customs (apparently they thought it was rather rocket-like). *Edit, see also

Secondly, in the US 110v is standard and even if we got a transformer to adapt my 220v grinder it would still run at a different….well, lets just say it wouldn’t be at the peak of its powers. This was a worry.

Enter Terry Ziniewicz from Espresso Parts. Not only did he offer to supply me with a US version of the Anfim I was using but he’s also seen our “Delta Timer” mod and raised us his “infinite adjustment ring” for good measure. I’m especially intrigued with the latter because as much as I love the Anfim and enjoy the scope the timer gives me, the steps are still too massive to find a perfect shot.

So preparations continue but at least I’ve got one less problem to worry about. Cheers Terry


5 thoughts on “Grind on Request

  1. Like that bag in the hopper 🙂

  2. colinharmon says:

    As did I. A creaminess coming through now that wasnt so apparent before. A stonking coffee if ever there was one!

  3. Vic Fitz-Henry says:

    hey colin, this is not related to this post but i just want to send you a message of good luck for the weekend coming. have a ball out there!

  4. Julie Murray says:


  5. triptogenetica says:

    colin – well done!!!! Amazing!

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