Tamper Tantrum

Preparing for this competition can be quite stressful but at least now I can tick one box off; my tamper arrived! I purchased a 53mm Torr tamper from pasmarose for the IBC, despite the fact that I’d probably only use it the once, but was so happy with it that I decided to get the 58mm Torr for Atlanta.

When I contacted Andrea again to place my order for Atlanta they were so chuffed about my IBC victory they decided to go that extra mile for me and personalise it for me. If nothing else, at least now I’ll always have a nice little trophy to remember my IBC victory.

58mm in front of 53mm

58mm in front of 53mm


58mm with engraving

58mm with engraving


3 thoughts on “Tamper Tantrum

  1. Very lovely I have a tamper fetish I must admit

  2. David Walsh says:

    There is nothing I can say that will top what Steve has already said. I’ll just say I like tampers in general, but have no sexual feelings about them in any way.

  3. ohhh no did I say that out loud, dam 😉

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