We did it!!!


Well, somehow everything came together on the day and I came away as Irish Barista Champion 2009. To say I’m delighted is an understatement of the highest order. I have so so many people I need to thank for helping me get there so I’ll post something really soon. Right now I’m just packing my bag for a well earned rest in Rome for the weekend with my enormously patient and supportive girlfriend Yvonne.

Things are going to go a bit mental for a while I’d imagine. Coffee Angel is expanding (we recently took on a great new barista Ger to work alongside myself and Simon) and there’s a lot of training to be done for the WBC (a lot!). I feel excited/sick just thinking about it but I’ll leave that till Tuesday.

In the meantime look to www.theotherblackstuff.ie for an IBC report and the Ryan Tubridy show interview will be available here and hopefully the RTE report will pop on their site at some stage. Also, Karl has come up with a great idea to sell my IBC blend with all proceeds going to Barnardos, a really kind gesture. We hope to have it on sale next week on the van so come on down and grab a bag (we might even be able to pull a few shots of it if we get a chance).

So until next week I’m going to go collapse for a few hours then off to Roma. Thanks again to all well wishers and if I haven’t gotten back to you yet I will next week. We did it!!!!!

11 thoughts on “We did it!!!

  1. Carol D says:

    Hi Colin,
    I heard the great news from home and wanted to offer my congratulations on such a great achievement! I don’t have your email address so thought this would be the next best thing. You must be so proud and just over the moon. I can’t wait to get to try a cup of coffee made by your award winning hands at some stage in the future.
    Best of luck in the US,

  2. David says:

    Yes… the report on theotherblackstuff…

    V. soon – I promise/

  3. alastair says:

    Congrats! You must be chuffed!

  4. Fergus says:

    Fantastic news Colin – congrats!! What a really great achievement. I can’t help but feel that our painstaking pilgrimage to London was somehow beneficial to the cause. Atlanta here you come!!!!

  5. thud says:

    Well done Colin, you handled yourself great up there, particularly with regard to the technical fault. I am delighted to have someone of your standard going to Atlanta to try keep the crown in Ireland.

    Brazil is cloudy.

  6. Carl Sara says:

    Well done on the win mate. Hope fully see you in Atlanta.

  7. colinharmon says:

    Cheers Carl, seems like only yesterday when I was watching yourself James and Heather slugging it out. Hard to believe I’ll be doing it myself soon. Hopefully see you there

  8. Joshua Bellingham says:

    Eh we are talking about coffee here? Don’t wish to rain on anyone’s parade but get a grip on yourselves. Jesus Barista? oh common the tiger has left. Hey why don’t you guys form a Union. If you can explain to the ICTU without them pissing themselves I well bow before you and lick your shoes clean. As the great Morrissey (steven!) sais ‘Try living in the real world, instead of a shell’

  9. colinharmon says:

    Hi Joshua, I’m guessing your not really sharing our enthusiasm for Specality Coffee/Competitions. Each to there own I suppose. If you want to pop by the van sometime though I’d be happy to make you a cap and see if I can give you a sense of why we all get so excited about it all.

  10. Adrian the fisser says:

    Hi Colin, I heard the news from Lynn. Congratulations on your win. Here is me thinking you were going to be a boring old lawyer! Well done from down under. 🙂

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