When a barista forgets his tamper…



4 thoughts on “When a barista forgets his tamper…

  1. triptogenetica says:

    Like the blog, colin!

    Any chance you could add an RSS feed? That way I’m more likely to pick up that you’ve posted something new!

  2. triptogenetica says:

    Sorry, just found it! There’s no orange button, but it’s there alright!

  3. Glenn says:

    An inventive tamper – how did you manage to get a good seal? or id you get channelling in a star shape?

  4. colinharmon says:

    It was actually quite snug and despite how it appears from the picture the glass was perfectly round at the bottom. I wont go as far as recommending it though! I’ve just got a nice new home tamper so that should do the trick. Ive got a post in mind for that particular subject so I’ll throw a few pics up then. Good to hear from you Glenn

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