Competition Training; Anchor Points



Going through the scoring of the WBC regulations is a little daunting. Every minute detail is analysed by the Head Judge, two Technical Judges and the four Sensory Judges and reading through the scoring system evokes images of a whole room of people just waiting to pounce on the smallest mistakes. Having watched countless videos and read every blog I can come accross I can confirm that this is both true and understated.

The saving grace however is what I like to call my “Anchor Points”. These are the marks that I can “harvest” simply by putting them into my routine. They require little skill, just the fact that they are done means you score points as follows;



Clean Basket2

Clean Portafilets2

Immediate insert and brew-2




Clean Basket-2

Clean Portafilets-2

Immediate insert and brew-2

Clean Pitcher-2

Pre Purge-2

Clean wand-2

Post Purge-2


Signature Drink

No alcohol used-1


Clean Basket-2

Clean Portafilters-2

Immediate Insert and Brew-2

General Hygiene Throughout-2

Proper Usage of Cloths-2


Correct Espresso Cups used-4

Served with Accessories-4


Correct Cappuccino cups used-4

Served with Accessories-4


Appropriate apparel-4

The good news is that they amount to 57 points. the Bad news is, theres another 813 to go. Oh well, one thing at a time…


2 thoughts on “Competition Training; Anchor Points

  1. David says:

    You only get one point for not using alcohol… Could you sacrifice that one point and open up a plethora of drink options?

  2. colinharmon says:

    Actually, I stand corrected. You dont get any points for not using alcohol, its just on the Head Judges score card but the head judge doesnt award scores. Drinks are on me then I suppose!

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