A year in Coffee…

This coming Saturday marks something of a milestone for me. The 6th of December was my last day in the suit and tie world and was the start of my adventures in Coffee. Admittedly it was a lot more convoluted than I would have liked but what can you do.


However, instead of reviewing what I’ve learned in a year I decided instead to broaden my horizons and see what Dublin has learned in a year.


A lot has been said in the last few months about how much progress Dublin is making in speciality Coffee. We have a world champion Barista (although based in London), Java Republic have just opened a 17million roaster and every Farmers market seems to have its own trendy Coffee stand. perhaps the most important impact on Dublin has been that people are now beginning to take mental notes of places for a good coffee like we do places for a good pint. I think most people are in agreement that in the last year there has been huge progress, so I’m going to see just how much progress we can make in 2009.


What I propose is that I travel around Dublin and stick my head in the door at ten cafes of different size, popularity and reputation. I will answer Yes/No on the following questions and try to take a good long look instead of just judging them on one bad barista or a slip in his/her usual routine.

Then, on this very day next year I will visit those same cafes and see if the standards have been maintained, eroded or improved upon. All the cafes will of course remain anonymous because its more a review of the city than a review of the constituent cafes. Sound Fair?


The criteria I’ve set are fairly objective in that there is little to do with taste, preference or style in there. these criteria are fundamentals in the preparation of good coffee and even if a person hasnt built up their skill level just yet, these rules would be a good starting point that need little to no skill but can have a massive influence on the end product. So, Good Luck Dublin!


Freshly Ground Coffee?


Wipe basket?

Brew within 3 seconds?

Similar extraction time (c3 seconds)?

Wipe Steam wand?

Clean Jugs?


Steaming Fresh Milk?

Latte art/Microfoam?


The results will be posted Monday




2 thoughts on “A year in Coffee…

  1. David says:

    Hi Colin!

    I see you have a very tasty looking weblog yourself. I’m now subscribed.

    Are you selling liquid coffee ravioli yet?

  2. David says:

    Too many Davids! This could get confusing.


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