What Jamaica’ That?

When I tell people that I’m a Barista, and then explain what it is, I am quite often asked if I like Jamaica Blue Mountain. It seems to be one of those well known brands that everyone can start a coffee conversation on, that and the one that the cat shits. Well today I tried it and I was underwhelmed to say the least. I understand there are many variables at play, the roaster in this case probably being the most important, but the purpose of this post is not to review this particular JBM but to ask if this coffee is worth 30euro a kilo (green) purely on the strength of its name?

Various coffees forums and blogs will wax lyrical on Sidamos, Daterras, Limoncillos and other favourites but not one has ever hailed the JBM. Is this some sort of inverted snobbery, because every Joe on the street has heard of this expensive bean but not everyone has heard of the unwashed bourbon that you sourced from your favourite boutique roaster?

It reminds  me of when I was at school and my rugby coach dismissed Jonah Lomu as a flash in the pan when clearly he was one of the greatest players ever to grace a field. Maybe I’ve just become that same rugby coach. Enjoy…


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