You’re Extracting the Espresso..?

Like many coffee lovers before me my first serious piece of kit came in the guise of the much heralded, often berated, Gaggia Classic. This piece of machinery in its only noisey, messy and erratic way enabled me to start enjoying coffee like it should be enjoyed (ish).

This was soon followed by an Iberital MC2 grinder, then ordering beans online, then scouring online coffee forums, then adjusting the OPV valve, then sourcing 6oz cap cups, then shelling out on an expensive tamper, then…well you get the message.

However, one day I took a drastic step in the progression of a home Barista. I quit my job in Financial Services and became a REAL barista. Three months down the line I’m trying to learn and experience as much as the coffee world can throw at me. I hope to post reviews on different machines, beans and cafes as well as offering my opinion and experience on various irrelevant matters that are hugely important in the coffee world. This site will however mostly be based around learning the necessaries in becoming a great barista. The Irish Championships are set for early in 2009 so whatever I’m learning, experiencing and messing up will be posted on here between now and then. Any thoughts, questions advice and feedback is encouraged and appreciated.



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